Monday, 13 June 2011

Oh Well

So, I finished the 2003 sci-fi novel and didn't like it. You know how a movie's first two acts can be great, but then it just dives in the third? This is what happened. I liked the characters, I liked MOST of the story, but then it just fell apart.

With the sci-fi book retired, I'm now free to write all new material. I've been editing for so long now that "new material" sounds frightening to me. However, I have six brand new short stories to write (the other four are re-writes from earlier versions), so I'll have a chance to remember how it's done. It's very exciting, and very nerve wracking.

Some good news! I'm only three downloads away from achieving my second sales goal. I've had a few "maybes" and "I mights" from people, so hopefully the numbers will start to climb. I've also been brainstorming about new marketing ideas, and hope to try a few of them out.