Saturday, 13 October 2012

Web Absent II - The Next Generation

Hey everyone. Apologies for the length between posts. Despite rumours of a zombie attack, I am still very much alive. Lack of Internet + editing has kept me away from the blog. But the Net is back, so I now have a chance to update you all on the progress of the new book.

I finished the 4th draft a few days ago and am twenty pages into the 5th draft. The experience has been both frustrating and educational. I’ve discovered a few new editing tricks, and I’ve remembered a few that I had forgotten. Plot knots plagued me early in the 4th, but I managed to unravel them (I hope). If all goes well, the book should be finished sometime in December. That will make it about a year and a half of total production time. My first novel (unpublished) took six years, and Gasher Creek took three and a half, so I must be getting better at this editing thing!

I’m already growing nervous about the reception of the new book. It’s very different than G.C., but not to worry—there will be enough twisted, dark moments to identify it as mine.

I've also started studying promotion in the hopes of attracting new readers to the western. I thought about offering a free colt peacemaker with every download, but then I remembered that there were laws about guns. Apparently "The Man" doesn't want just anyone carrying one around. Crazy rules, am I right? 

Thanks for the continued support, everyone. Back to work!